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Insufficient Credentials

We are getting an error with Insufficient credentials for non reproducible scenarios while accessing collection from Android, some times it happens and some times it does not, we are suspecting the number of BL node.js scripts for the Free Plan (plan says 5 and currently we have 6) is this may be a reason for this error? or if not what could be the issue?

It seems that there was a locking on a record in a collection, when i modified it from the console the credential error disappeared, please tell us why this could have happened
Are multiple users accessing the same data in your backend?

Take a look at our security guide, it might clear some things up:

Basically every entity saved has a field called `_acl` (access-control list), which defines who can read and write to the specific object. Within the empty constructor of your `GenericJson` class you can define the conditions of this-- for example, if you want everybody to be able to read and write to an entity, do something like this:

private class MyEntity extends GenericJson{



private KinveyMetaData.AccessControlList acl;






thank u Edward  very much for your answer

but i had the same problem and when i did your answer each time i try to retrieve data  i got a null ?

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