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Kinvey Javadoc in Eclipse (ADT)

I am trying to configure eclipse in order to recognize the Kinvey javadoc. I follow the procedure described here:

But didn't work.

Someone could help me?

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There is a lot of conflicting information about this online, and unfortunately it seems like a bug in android development tools.

As a workaround, you can add third party dependencies manually and then attach the javadocs yourself--

note by default, all jars in the /libs directory are automatically configured for you, in a read-only mode.


create a new folder called /lib within your project (note there is no 's'), and put your jars and javadocs in this directory. Then, right click on your project -> Properties -> Java Build Path (on the left) -> Libraries (Tab on top) -> Add Jars -> Navigate to the /lib directory, and select the kinvey jar. Then, click on the kinvey jar within the window to expand it, click on 'Javadoc Location' -> Edit -> and then navigate to the javadoc jar. Clean and rebuild your project, and it should work.

This is the only working solution I have found, even though it is not very convenient I cannot get the suggested .properties fix to work.
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