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added OfflinePolicy.LOCAL_FIRST to my app &, getting error when we disconnnect internet connection and run app "unable to resolve host"


The local offline storage needs to be seeded with data, so it is possible the get is failing because there is nothing to return, as the database doesn't contain the record.

Note that entries are added to the store locally whenever a save is executed, or anytime after a get has first succeeded while online-- if this request is the first time it has been performed, and the device is offline, then there is no way for the device to load the record.

Is it possible this is what's happening?
thanx Edward,

but when we disconnnect internet connection and run app "unable to resolve host" as exception in eclipse logcat, and fail to load data.
OK, good-- yeah the error will be logged however the exception is caught and execution will continue.
thanks to everyone.

Hey, Edward we are getting this error message in the logs. not inside onError.
As far as I understand the LOCAL_FIRST still means that the sync service will try to sync the data stored in local store. So when you disconnected the internet it is reporting that its not able to resolve the Kinvey backend server ( which is fair behaviour. I assume you are seeing the logcat logs. The save on the entity should have reported onSuccess unless thats where the issue is.
Hey, is this error message in the logs or delegated up to the onError callback?
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