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How to access the referenced fields?

i have two collections

public class Question extends GenericJson



String qid;


String question;


public class Response extends LinkedGenericJson



String uid;


KinveyReference questionId;


String answer;


i am successfully saved and fetched

I want to access the the 'Question' collection fields from the Response class object when it is fetched from the database..

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If both entities are successfully saved, and the reference has been created, than you can resolve it using appdata.

Try something like this (I am assuming the `Response` collection is called Responses):

Query q = new Query();

myClient.appData("Responses", Response.class).get(q, new String["questionId"], new KinveyListCallback(){ ... });

Note there are overloaded variations of the `appdata.get` and `appdata.getEntity` methods, which all take a String[] as a second argument. Use that String array to pass the field names of the KinveyReferences you want to resolve, in this case it is `questionId`.

Now, within the callback, you will have an array of `Response` objects. One each one you can call either `getTypedObject(Question.class)`, or just `getResolvedObject()` to get the GenericJson class for the Question object. Take a look at the KinveyReference documentation, it might help explain this:

Let me know if that works, and if you have any more questions.
i retrived it using

Query q = new Query();


Splash.mKinveyClient.appData("EmployeeResponse", UserResponseStructure.class).get(q, new String[]{"questionId"},new KinveyListCallback(){

and used

QuestionStructure Q=questionId.getTypedObject(QuestionStructure.class);

to get Question object but i am getting, Error as :

05-19 11:59:07.641: I/error name(1088): java.lang.Object cannot be cast to

Thanks...Edward i found the answer.

i was referencing different field other than _id of question....

ok, i am having trouble fetching the object. Let's say I have two collections, CollectionA and CollectionB, CollectionA has a kinvet reference to CollectionB. Data is successfully stored on the database, and when I retrieve it, I get the correct _id associated with CollectionA and the reference in CollectionB like so:

But... when I try to do CollectionA.getMyObject().getResolvedObject, it will return null

Note that this is an ArrayList<KinveyReference> 

Can anyone shed light on this?



You should be able to do this simply by invoking appdata.get as outlined in the relationalData - Fetching part of the java guide.


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