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How to fetch all the Users in android (i want all the list of users)

I tried normal query as we do for data store using 'user' as a collection name and following one

AsyncUserDiscovery users = Splash.mKinveyClient.userDiscovery();

UserLookup criteria = users.userLookup();


users.lookup(criteria, new KinveyUserListCallback()

but still i am getting invalid synatx as error...
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for anyone having the same problem

UserLookup will only return a limited subset of fields on the user object, so instead you can just query through the User api directly. Note UserLookup is meant to be used to preserve the privacy of users, so we limit the accessible fields on purpose.


Query q = new Query().equals("email", myEmail"); myClient.user().retrieve(q, new KinveyListCallback(){ ... }
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