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Will Maven/Gradle integration be possible in some future?

Hey community,

I am just starting with Kinvey.

And have a question, a feature request already.

Is it possible that you would deploy release as an artifact on the mvncentral?

Adding libraries in form of jars to the project in XXI century seems wrong.

Personally I still prefer Maven, but probably supporting it as an gradle dependency will be sound idea too.

Checked the FAQ, searched the forum before asking that.

If you will have problems with that, let me know I can prepare files for that for you, would do it. But on your GitHub there is no project to contribute to.

With best wishes,


Any word on adding the kinvey client to maven? Two years is a long time for something so easy.

Hi Charles,

I apologize for the lack of updates on this Forum post.

After some investigation, we found that we needed to jump through an lot of hoops (related to licensing and sharing source code) to get our libraries deployed on maven central.

And hence, we ended up not doing this at that time.

I have asked for a review of this decision. I will keep you posted on how that goes. Unless some parameter has changed, I expect we will continue with existing process of distributing JARs.



Kinvey Support

Any update on this? I'm personally looking for Gradle dependencies. 

Thanks Wani, I can definitely understand not wanting to jump through the hoops, it sounds pretty painful. It is pretty straight forward setting up your own nexus, etc and then have your customer specify the url of your repository. Thanks again.


Hey, this is a good point! I will add a ticket to the backlog, and investigate adding our library to maven central. Gradle supports pulling dependencies from maven central, so that should work for both build platforms.

Would be great to get it asap, will start with jars in that case.

Do you have public backlog/roadmap?

Can we somehow estimate when we can expect this feature on testing?

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