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Google Places Location Query Setlimit(>20) only returns 20 results regardless


I've got the Google Places functionality working pretty well, the only thing that has not been working too well is the fact that when my entity gets filled by my query it returns only 20 results, even if I set Query.Setlimit(100) and Query.setSkip(0)

I'm using:

Android Studio 0.6.1

Kinvey-Android-Lib 2.6.14


Here is a code snippet.

Query qry = new Query(new MongoQueryFilter.MongoQueryFilterBuilder());



qry.nearSphere("_geoloc", marker.getPosition().latitude, marker.getPosition().longitude, 100);

AsyncAppData locs = kinveyclient.appData("locations", EventEntity.class);

locs.get(qry, new KinveyListCallback() {


public void onSuccess(EventEntity[] eventEntities) {


// code executes fine but eventEntities.length always = 20 regardless of location, Limit or Skip


Am I missing something? Any help or advise would be appreciated.


This looks like it is a limitation of the google places API although after searching a bit it seems they have finally added a workaround. Check out this post on stack overflow:

I'll have to do some more investigation but can you try passing through that recommended flag as a query parameter? You should be able to overload the `equals()` method on the query builder, but I have not yet tested with the google places API.
Hey @Edward - Thanks, will check it out and comment/accept answer accordingly
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