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Email verification

Hi all,

I have a sign up process and I've checked in Kinvey console (Enforce email verification). It crashes with MissingRequestParameter. On debugging I saw that the error is thrown on this method:

mKinveyClient.user().create(username, password, new KinveyUserCallback() {...

It enters in onFailure.

How can I append the email parameter on this creation process?


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I can confirm that **automatic email validation is not working** for the Android API 2.6.15.

I get the same error.

**My setup**:

- backend with "Enforce email verification" and "Automatically send verification email"

- code:

AsyncUser user=mKinveyClient.user();

user.set("email", email);

user.create(username, password, new KinveyUserCallback() { ...

**Result**: MissingRequestParameter

A required parameter is missing from the request



Anyone from Kinvey can confirm this bug? Any plans to fix it?

Should we rely on automatic email validation on Android at all?



Sorry for the delay in getting a response for this ticket. I have added the item to the backlog, and will try to get it into the next release.

In the meantime, as a workaround until I get the next version of the library out, you can manually trigger email verification-- I know this isn't ideal, but after a successful creation you can add the "email", call user.update(), and then call user().sendVerificationEmail().

Hi Edward,

I can confirm that this bug still exist in the latest API.

Any news on this?  Do we still have to trigger the mail manually?



Hi Edward,

Still this issue exist in the latest Android  SDK . Any updates regarding this ? 


Irshath Ahamed A.

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to inform you that a new release of the Android SDK v2.10.12 has been posted and is available for download at the following location.

This update fixes the problem described in this ticket regarding Email Verification.

At your convenience, please download and test the fix and let us know if it works to your satisfaction.


Billy Gee

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