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How to edit metadata on a file associated with a LinkedData?

I have a LinkedData entity that has a file linked to it. I would like to edit the metadata and make the file public but I don't know how to do that. I have tried many different ways to do it but nothing I have tried works. I have used this tutorial
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Take a look at the source code of StatusShare-- this sample use LinkedData extensively.

Specifically, check out around line 150 of this file:

if (bytes != null && filename != null) {

Log.i(Client.TAG, "there is an attachment!");

LinkedFile lf = new LinkedFile(filename);

lf.addExtra("_public", true);

KinveyMetaData.AccessControlList acl = new KinveyMetaData.AccessControlList();


lf.addExtra("_acl", acl);

updateEntity.putFile("attachment", lf);


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