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are there special manipulations to generate apk with kinvey libs ?


I just started to use Kinvey for my app, and it work perfectly in debug mode. When I build the app directly on my device everything work fine.

But now I'm trying to generate the apk and I got this error message :

` can't find superclass or interface`

I tried several different thing but nothing was successful And lots more...

Anybody could help me with this ?

Thanks !


Sorry for this long delay. Yes this is a warning, but I have this error message :

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:proguardFreeRelease'.

> Please correct the above warnings first.

In debug mode everything is fine, but as soons as I build the app in release mode, I have hundreds of warnings like the previous one. So I had the gcm.jar in my libs folder (I'm using android studio) but now I have this warning :

` can't find referenced class javax.annotation.Nullable`

Can you help me on this ?

that is labelled as a warning, not an error-- are there any other errors in the logs?

Also, can you confirm that you have the GCM.jar file from google-support on your build path? That needs to be bundled up in the apk, which your IDE should do automatically. Are you using Android Studio or Eclipse?
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