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Offline storage parse error


I'm using the offline datastore but the sqlite storage is never used :

> trackDao.setCache(new InMemoryLRUCache(), CachePolicy.CACHEFIRST); // add memory caching

> trackDao.setOffline(OfflinePolicy.LOCAL_FIRST, new SqlLiteOfflineStore

(getActivity().getApplicationContext())); // add offline disk storage

> trackDao.get(query, new KinveyListCallback() {

> @Override

> public void onSuccess(Track[] tracks) {

> if(tracks == null) {

> onLoadingError();

> } else {

> // use of tracks here

> }

> }

If no connection is available, tracks == null (not using the offline sqlite datastore).

There is an IO exception shown in the stacktrace :

@Damien , do I made a mistake ?

Thank you.

I will make one call for each sort

I've added it to the Jira, so I will let you know when this becomes a feature.   Like I said, this will unfortunately probably be a little ways out.


Ok, thank you ! It would be a great feature !

That being said,

I replied to let you know that we can only resolve queries while you are online.    Our engineer that maintains the library said the he would like to add support for offline queries in the future, but it would be multiple months out on the roadmap, unfortunately.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



We recently switched forum providers as well as helpdesk solutions providers.    I actually replied to you on the old forums briefly before the switch.    

We are in the process of migrating the old forum content over to the new forums.


Hello, what's the problem with the forum ? Few messages disappeared !

No, the query is the same, except the sort. In my app, it would be nice to sort a list offline if the user already get the list online.
Fabreax: Are you doing the exact same sort query offline as you would do online? Thanks,
Ok thank you.
Fabreax: That is a strange one, let me ask our library owner if that's something we support or plan to add support for. Thanks,
Hello Damien, thank you so much. It works ! I have another question : 1) I retrieve Tracks online (it's ok) 2) I make the same request offline (the result is the same, using cache and offline policy) 3) I cannot make the same request with a sort when I'm offline !

I wanted to loop back and let you know that this was fully fixed as of the release that we put out on 2/20, and that we do not have another release scheduled for java at this time.

Hi Damien,

Thank you for your quick update but I'm waiting for the second part before testing it. Don't worry, I won't test it before the end of the week.

This has been fixed and an updated SDK has been put on our website. You can grab the most recent revision here:


I wanted to give you a quick update. The issue was half-fixed last night, and the other half should happen today. You could see a release tonight or during the day tomorrow. We don't anticipate this taking until Monday.

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