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Offline storage parse error


I'm using the offline datastore but the sqlite storage is never used :

> trackDao.setCache(new InMemoryLRUCache(), CachePolicy.CACHEFIRST); // add memory caching

> trackDao.setOffline(OfflinePolicy.LOCAL_FIRST, new SqlLiteOfflineStore

(getActivity().getApplicationContext())); // add offline disk storage

> trackDao.get(query, new KinveyListCallback() {

> @Override

> public void onSuccess(Track[] tracks) {

> if(tracks == null) {

> onLoadingError();

> } else {

> // use of tracks here

> }

> }

If no connection is available, tracks == null (not using the offline sqlite datastore).

There is an IO exception shown in the stacktrace :

@Damien , do I made a mistake ?

Thank you.


I wanted to loop back and let you know that this was fully fixed as of the release that we put out on 2/20, and that we do not have another release scheduled for java at this time.

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