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How do I use Kinvey in my web app?

I see the different native mobile libraries available in the Dev Center, but I'm confused about how to use Kinvey in my web app. I know there is an HTML5 and Backbone library to help with the client side, but I don't understand how this integrates with my server (I'm running a Rails setup right now).
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There are two main strategies for using Kinvey in a web app:

## Backend Replacement

For many web apps, Kinvey could completely replace your server setup (i.e. your Rails server). Rather than building out a Rails server, you would leverage a single page app design and build your app entirely in client side JavaScript. Using our HTML5 or Backbone library, you would connect to Kinvey to store data, login or register users, and anything else for which you would have used Rails.

### Backend Supplement

It sounds like you have an existing Rails infrastructure setup. If you'd like to continue leveraging that, you can use Kinvey from your existing server setup. Rather than managing your own database, for example, you could make calls directly against the Kinvey REST API and use that as your data store.
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