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Social login doesn’t work.

I am implementing social login, however somehow I cannot seem to obtain the tokens and log in.
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The library provides a basic implementation for logging in via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter that works on most modern platforms and browsers. However, it might be that the device or browser you are running your app on has limitations or bugs preventing the library from connecting with a social provider.

Symptoms include:

* An exception is thrown - this might happen if the platform does not support a particular method the library uses.

* Pop-up management doesn’t work - i.e. the redirect to the social provider never happens.

* Tokens are not returned correctly - i.e. you receive an error similar to "InvalidCredentials".

* You get back a "SocialError". Inspect the description and debug property to see the exact cause of the error.

The best way to get this resolved is to manually retrieve the required OAuth tokens yourself (instead of letting the library obtain them), and then logging in as follows (example for Facebook):

var promise = Kinvey.User.login({

_socialIdentity: {

facebook: {

access_token : "Access Token",

expires_in : "Expires In"




promise.then(function(user) {

// User is now logged in.

}, function(error) {

// An error occured.

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