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Appending objects to an Array (HTML5 - JS)


I'm trying to append items to an array. Let me explain. I would like to have the following property in one of the objects of my databsae:

{ history: [ { user : me, action : post, date : today } , {user : you, action : read, date: tomorrow } , { user : he, action : delete } ] }

So, I'm not able (using the JS plugin for HTML5) to add another history element to the array, lets suppose I want to add the following:

{ user : john, action : update, date : someday}

to the list in "history"

I'm trying with the "update" clause but it seems to replace the value in "history" instead of appending the element.

I would appreciate any help ;)
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you have to fetch object from Kinvey, add position to history and update

var historyLog = { user : john, action : update, date : someday}

Kinvey.DataStore.get([collection], [key])

.then(function(object) {




.then(function() {

// success

}, function(err) {

// error


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