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Data Store


I have created a collection to store information. However, I am having trouble to send data from my JS code to store in the collection.

Even though, I can test ping Kinvey without any issue, this one is showing me appkey missing error.

var promise1 ='CollectionName', {

body : 'abc',

appKey : 'xyz'

}, {

success: function(response) {

alert('success '+response);



I am using

Any thoughts on what's going on? Any guide on client side on this one? Also how can I check log form Kinvey console?


Have you called Kinvey.init somewhere in your code? That is required prior to store information on Kinvey.

See [documentation here](, you’d want to place the `` call inside the `promise.then` function.
I did call the init in index.js function. This is why the ping works fine. Not sure if I need anything else is needed for Collection to work. I added appKey in the code above just to ensure.
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