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InsufficientCredentials error while ACL is set?


i've set the acl of an entity to:


but when i try to acces the API via the user admin_read:

{ username: 'admin_read',


{ lmt: '2013-11-11T17:04:54.954Z',

ect: '2013-11-11T17:04:54.954Z',

authtoken: '9b46e017-134a-4263-bad7-b391fd14fcae.o/5/ke3pNjWkdwROg1OIu+wPO4

6rXe75ErboTqMpoY0=' },

_id: '52810e362e1a120f1b00d607',

_acl: { creator: '52810e362e1a120f1b00d607' } }

with the following code:

Kinvey.DataStore.get('Project', req.body.projectId,


success: function(response)




error: function(response)





i get the following error:

{ name: 'InsufficientCredentials',

description: 'The credentials used to authenticate this request are not author

ized to run this operation. Please retry your request with appropriate credentia


debug: '' }

The "r" array requires user ids instead of usernames, can you try setting the ACL of the entity to:

Omg, you are correct :) Because i let the server generate the ID it didn't look the same as in the examples, so i basically just assumed it was the name..

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