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Saving a model using backbone associations fails when saving large amount of related models, but sti

I'm having an issue using the kinvey backbone library when saving a model with relational data. The save occasionally fails when processing related models, but success callback is still called.

In the network viewer, I see all of the related models saving individually, but a few fail with the error:

Unable to understand request

And this causes the main model to fail to save, but I see all the related models had been saved to the data store correctly. And like I said before, the success callback is still called when this happens.

Has anyone had this problem?



It sounds like some may be timing out and others are not. Check in your debugger tool in your browser of choice and see if you're getting any error responses from the server. If so, shoot them up here.
Can you give me the details of the request (with body) of one of the failing requests?
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