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How is supposed to work for the disconnect facebook method?


I'm trying to implement facebook login in my html5 app. But either I don't understand something or your documentation lacks some moments.

After I disconnect using 'disconnect' for facebook, I have active user object on result, and Kinvey.getActiveUser() returns object, so if I try to connect through facebook again I fail because "Active user already logged in" or something like that. If i call Kinvey.User.logout, again it success but if I try to login using facebook, empty page is opened and then I have 'This user does not exist for this app backend'. Which 'this' user? I'm currently logged in facebook so it should not ask any credentials but it didn't and still could not log in.

What's going on and how to fix it?


PS The documentation on login stuff is really messy :( if you have never worked with facebook and don't know what to expect it will be absolutely encripted.

Hi Kath,

It might be useful to look at a working example. The HTML5 app "Pay it Forward" has facebook login so you can compare--

You indeed need to call logout after disconnect. What does your second call to login (after the logout completes) look like?
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