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Previously tested code has now been broken by recent changes in syntax

Hi there,

We have an urgent issue with our application. It has been running fine but recently we are getting the following for one of our queries:

{"error":"KinveyInternalErrorRetry","description":"The Kinvey server encountered an unexpected error. Please retry your request","debug":"Your query included syntax that is not supported”}

Both our iOS and javascript apps have been compromised by this error and our users are filing complaints

The query that could be causing issues is as below

kinveyRideMessageService.loadRideMessagesSentToOrSentByUserWithStatusWithFiltersEnabled = function (userId, rideMessageStatus, enableFilters) {

var deferred = $q.defer();

kinveyRideMessageService.backendClient.loadUserMessageRequestStatesForUser(userId).then(function (response) {

if (response === null && response.length === 0) {


$rootScope.$$phase || $rootScope.$apply();



var messageStates = response[0];

var query = new Kinvey.Query();

query.contains("request_sent_to", [userId]);

query.or().equalTo("request_by", userId);

query.and().equalTo("request_status", rideMessageStatus);

if (enableFilters) {

query.notContainedIn("_id", messageStates.request_states_ride_requests_hidden);

query.notContainedIn("_id", messageStates.request_states_ride_requests_responded);



return kinveyRideMessageService.loadRideMessagesWithQuery(query);

},function (reason) {


$rootScope.$$phase || $rootScope.$apply();

}).then(function (response) {


$rootScope.$$phase || $rootScope.$apply();

}, function (reason) {


$rootScope.$$phase || $rootScope.$apply();


return deferred.promise;


This query has worked in the past repeatedly and this is what we released our application with. Is the error correct and has the syntax been changed? If so then this is not acceptable and we need it reverted to be supported again, since we are published in the app store and would have to resubmit to have the app fixed to conform to the new standard,

Also, why is there not a process related to changes of this sort? If we cannot expect consistency from the backend, then supporting our app becomes a nightmare.

Please help! we need a fix immediately!

Hamad Deshmukh

Should be resolved now. Can you confirm?
Yes thank you very much. Going forward there should be some expectation of a public interface not changing because a small bug like this crippled one of the major functionalities of my app that was dependant on tis syntax.
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