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Kinvey.File.upload fails from CI build via

Part of our build/test process is to load test data, including uploading some files using Kinvey.File.upload() This works fine locally (Mac OS X) but fails on Circle CI (see for details on the ubuntu VM being used). Any idea why this might be happening? Here is the error:

{"message":"139913092937536:error:0607907F:digital envelope routines:EVP_PKEY_get1_RSA:expecting an rsa key:../deps/openssl/openssl/crypto/evp/p_lib.c:288:\n","stack":"Error: 139913092937536:error:0607907F:digital envelope routines:EVP_PKEY_get1_RSA:expecting an rsa key:../deps/openssl/openssl/crypto/evp/p_lib.c:288:\n\n at CleartextStream._pusher (tls.js:656:24)\n at SlabBuffer.use (tls.js:199:18)\n at CleartextStream.CryptoStream._push (tls.js:483:33)\n at SecurePair.cycle (tls.js:880:20)\n at EncryptedStream.CryptoStream.write (tls.js:267:13)\n at Socket.ondata (stream.js:38:26)\n at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:93:17)\n at TCP.onread (net.js:396:14)"}
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There is a bug in older Node.js versions which has this behavior, see [here]( I’ve personally run into this issue, and upgrading the Node.js version fixed it for me.

If you don’t have that level of control over Circle CI, I’d recommend talking to them to resolve this issue.
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