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Backbone 1.1.0 support?

Hello, are there any plans on supporting backbone 1.1.0?



As far as I can see, Backbone 1.1 is supported by our [Backbone library]( Are you running into any specific issues?
Yes, I have problems with Collection with BB 1.1.0

I get this error when I try to fetch

Uncaught Kinvey.Error: model or options argument must contain: url

I initialise my Collection like this: new Kinvey.Backbone.Collection([], {url:'reviews'});

I am using
Aditionally on the getting started page ( says that you support backbone >= 1.0.0
It seems there have indeed been some changes. You can use:

var model = new Kinvey.Backbone.Model();

model.urlRoot = 'collection-name';

var collection = new Kinvey.Backbone.Collection([]);

collection.url = 'collection-name';
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