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No MimeType Saved when saving file

using the angularjs code to save an image file; it is working but there is no mime type being persisted


var fileObj = new $kinvey.File({

_filename: $,

_public: true,

size : $scope.uploadme.size


fileObj.$save($scope.uploadme.type).$promise.then(function () {

fileObj.$upload($scope.uploadme, $scope.uploadme.type).$promise

.then(function (_result) {

console.log("$upload: " + JSON.stringify(_result));


}, function error(err) {

console.log('[$upload] received error: ' + JSON.stringify(err));





Aaron, the library you are using is not distributed or maintained by Kinvey. I recommend you contact the [creator of the library](, and open an issue [there](

Alternatively, you can choose to use the Kinvey AngularJS library available [here](
looks like i did not see Kinvey's angularjs library when I started my investigation, will look to migrate to your supported version after initial deliverable
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