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Browser support for Javascript library

What browsers does the current Kinvey JS library support? Of course, I think we all know we're referring specifically to old Internet Explorer versions - I'm guessing IE8 and below is out given the lack of array forEach method which seems to be used in the library. Would it be possible to confirm a list of browser compatibilities?

IE10 is supported, IE8 and 9 are not. Further, Chrome, Firefox 4+, Opera 12+, and Safari are all supported.
Unfortunately I have a large customer that is stuck on IE 8 for a reason outside of my control. I don't need all the bells and whistles of the library, but do need to do your basic read/write data and queries. Do you have any documentation on what is known not to work, or even what the definition of "unsupported" is?

If there are some constraints in the JSON fine, but if there are memory problems and it is unusable then that is another deal entirely.
Hi David - First off, we don't work for Kinvey, so I cannot answer this for sure - however it seems very, very unlikely you could get it to work, even with very limited functionality (especially IE8). To start with IE8 lacks some of the basic/fundamental native methods we take for granted nowadays, for example: forEach, indexOf, and hasOwnProperty. You would first need to implement your own methods for all of these before the Kinvey library would even load. So in this case, "unsupported" means do not even include the JavaScript file, or your page will not load.

I can guess why the Kinvey team made the tough decision to not support old IE (besides the fact modern web companies like themselves are the ones who actually have the power to help end this everlasting IE8 usage, which us developers will eventually be very grateful for). The HTML5 library really leverages modern features, and that's most of the value it brings outside of normal Kinvey data communication. Since IE8 cannot use these anyway, you might as well just use the REST API for your data queries.

Even though you may have already written your code using the HTML5 library this conversion process hopefully won't be as painful as it seems, keeping in mind the HTML5 library is just wrapping the REST API. Once you understand how to translate the different queries from HTML5 -> REST, it's just time consuming.
Thanks, OhmzTech. I'm a noob, haven't implemented Kinvey, and am actually strongly considering it for a project. I interpreted this question as there was a Kinvey library that was required for the REST API to work in the first place. All I want to do outside of the standard features is to have a IE8 browser doing standard REST / AJAX calls with jquery / jqueryui.js to read/write JSON formatted data into the Kinvey backend via the internet.

So no worries doing this?
No worries at all if you just use the REST API, as far as we know. You can access it just like other REST APIs, no library necessary. All the great libraries Kinvey offers (there are tons) really just helps bridge the REST API with native features and makes doing queries easier. Of course, as I'm sure you know, dealing with IE8 CORS will probably need a bit of special care...
Be aware that IE8 has limitations on cross-domain requests, which you might run into. See [here]( for background information. I am not sure if it will work at all since that page mentions no authorization can be included in requests.
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