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Problem Data store not saving in phonegap app

hi i'm trying to save an entity in a collection which is call test, but it's not saving the information. i know that the information is being post but not saved i don't know why please help

var promise = Kinvey.init({

appKey : 'key given by kinvey,

appSecret : key given by kinvey,

}).then(function(activeUser) {

// Auto-generate the active user if not defined.

if(null === activeUser) {

return Kinvey.User.create();


}).then(null, function(error) {



var promise ='test', {

_id : '2',

test : '2'


success: function(response) {



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If you attach an error callback to the save operation, you can see the actual error.

My guess is that you’d have to move the save expression *inside* the .then handlers when calling `Kinvey.init`.
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