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Promise pattern and handling multiple parallel fetches.

I need to fetch data from multiple collections and I want to do this in parallel.

(I am not fetching relational data due to it's limitation (, instead I am fetching collections separately and then I am handling the relations in my front end script. That is why I need to fully fetch all my collections before I proceed).

What is the right way of handling parallel requests? Does the Promise pattern offer any advantage here? To be honest I don't fully understand Promises. Or is there a way to load multiple collections within one fetch request without the limitations?


Hey Daniel, I tagged this under JavaScript so we get the right eyes on it.
Yes, you can parallelize fetching data, see below. This executes two network requests concurrently.





]).then(function(response) {

var fooResult = response[0];

var barResult = response[1];

}, function(error) {

// either foo or bar failed.


Hi Mark

this is surely the answer to my problem, you should think about updating the guide on data fetching ( to contain this information.

Also does the defer method load all the data in one request or is it just front end handling of multiple asynchronous requests?


The documentation is surprisingly unclear :(
This will still issue two (concurrent) network requests. If you want to fetch all data in one go, I recommend using a Custom Endpoint instead.
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