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Hosting of index.html


I'm just starting out playing with Kinvey. Perhaps I have missed something, but does Kinvey offer hosting for the basic index.html so I can bootload my HTML app?

Kinvey does offer a 5GB CDN... I can use that to host JS, CSS... images etc. Is that the right approach?

But what about the initial index.html that links to the assets on the CDN? As a minimum it would only need to load up the main JavaScript file which then handles the rest. It's fairly empty HTML file...

Do I need to get separate hosting to handle the index.html or does Kinvey provide something to help me here?

I know Parse actually offer the minimal amount of hosting for this, so I was wondering if Kinvey did the same.

BTW... Kinvey offers plenty of value without providing hosting... but the main reason I ask is I thought I might be missing something.
The API for file storage we offer is designed for usage from within the app, and not for hosting the client-side app. You can probably still take advantage of it for your purpose, but you may need to just through a couple of hoops. The place to start is

We do plan to offer a proper hosting in the future.

Thanks for the reply, Ivan, and for the link.

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