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Oauth Errors with Linkedin

I believe I've set everything up properly, but when i try and do a login via:

$scope.login = function() {

var promise = $kinvey.Social.connect(null, 'linkedIn');

promise.then(function(user) {




I've setup the $kinvey.init() with my appKey and appSecret.

I get the following error:

My Oauth data store:

The exact error seems to be `Missing required attributes: oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, and/or oauth_verifier`, even though I'm fairly certain I have those in place.
Hi Dave,

Did you set up the business logic required for social authentication?
OhmzTech: Yes I did.
Can you provide a screenshot of the request headers? I'm not seeing anything immediately wrong with your setup.

Is only LinkedIn giving you problems?
Here's a screenshot of my request headers:
I've yet to try anything but LinkedIn at this point. :)
I think you should be seeing an access_token being sent, hence the error you are seeing.

Do you have the oauth redirects set up properly via your app entry on LinkedIn?
I believe I have set up the URLs correctly:

I'm going to try twitter this morning and see if I can get a different result.
Hey Dave, I understand you're still stuck. Did you get twitter auth working?
Yep, Twitter auth works just fine!
Hi Dave - Just a thought, if possible, maybe try using a standard URL (non-localhost/custom port) for the LinkedIn redirect and see if that helps at all?
Still no dice. I've tried it with no url, my local url,, anything. Nothin works!


Object {name: "IncompleteRequestBody", description: "The request body is either missing or incomplete.", debug: "Missing required attributes: oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, and/or oauth_verifier"}

Looking at the logs, it seems Angular messes up the redirect url called by LinkedIn. Can you try manually specifying the redirect:


$kinvey.Social.connect(null, 'linkedIn', { redirect: 'http://localhost:9000/' });

' is supposed to be a single quote.
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