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401 "Unauthorized" when trying to save with relational data

I seem to be running into issues with authorization when collaborators (with their IDs added in the "r" and "w" of the entities _acl). The creator of the entity can create and add other entities via relations just fine, but when the other user tries to do the same action, I get a 401.

Is there a known issue with this? Seems that a user added to the readers and writers should have access.

Here's a snippet of front-end code:

It seems that even if I add the "gr" and "gw" (which are indeed supposed to override to my collection level permissions, which are Private) I still get 401s. :(
Make sure to set the (g)r/(g)w on *all* the entities you are trying to save. In your example, that would be the topic, topic links, and all files in dropbox-uploads.

It seems the entity from the snippet doesn’t exist any more, so it is hard to check if the gr/gw was applied correctly.
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