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Integrate Angular js


I have a angular js app that connect to Kinvey.

i success connect used $kinvey.init(); in my module app.

bat when i wont to get data from dataStore i get this error "You need to be logged in to execute this request."

The app is all about Events Calendar, in index.html i will show the events ( collection " Public").

In document, can only one user by logged in how can i poll data from Kinvey with applicatino user?

Thanks, Oshri

Even though the collection permission may be public, make sure you are [logged in]( prior to retrieving data from the DataStore.
What i need to add is that:

var promise = $kinvey.init({

appKey : *********',

appSecret : '******************'


promise.then(function(activeUser) {

if(null === activeUser) {

return Kinvey.User.create();


}, function(error) {

status.trigger('error', error);

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