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Backwards Compatibility

I have an HTML5 hybrid PhoneGap App that I made last year. I submitted it to iOS and Android. I also uploaded it to a web server to offer a web app alternative. Everything worked perfectly. This year I am getting ready to push an update to the stores. I noticed that the web app is getting at 401 unauthorized error while the PhoneGap build running on my device is working perfectly. Do I need to be concerned that the PhoneGap app will stop connecting to Kinvey? Is there anything that I need to be aware of before I push? In addition, is there a quick fix to get the web app access to read from Kinvey?

The requests to Kinvey on that page return success for me. You might be getting 401s if the user created when you visited the page for the first time doesn’t exist any more. Could it be that user got deleted? Either way, the request URL itself is fine, so it isn’t a backwards compatibility problem.
The web app is

The 401 is:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)…2013%3A38%3A36%22%7D%7D&limit=1&sort=%7B%22date%22%3A-1%7D&_=1397759916209
Do you know what (type of) call resulted in the 401? The 401 shows the app is still communicating with Kinvey correctly, just that you might not be logged in, or try to login with invalid credentials.
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