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Querying 'user' collection from HTML5

I'm trying to set up an HTML5 page, that allows for displaying the 'user' collection. It will be extended to allow for user management as well. Currently I'm receiving the error "Please use the appropriate API to access this collection for this app backend." I'm using the kinvey-html5-1.1.7.min.js CDN to try and accomplish this.

As I'm able to query other collections in this application, I'm not sure why I'm unable to query 'user'.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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As a rule, the user collection is treated differently from other collections, and can be accessed using its own API. For more information on how to do this with the HTML5 library, please check [the relevant guide]( "the relevant guide").
Exactly what I needed thanks for the help.
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