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Better to use angular lib or phonegap lib?

Hi - I'm building an html5 phonegap-based app with angular. Been using Parse so far but considering KInvey as an alternative, as I've faced a variety of annoying issues both in integrating parse with angular ( due to it's backbone-based doc structure with getters /setters / etc ) and phonegap ( as caching is only supported in the native android library, leaving me to have to roll my own solutions )

Curious what the pros / cons of using the Kinvey phonegap vs angular library would be as a base for a project? Could they work harmoniously? Would would you suggest?

My app is mostly html5 based in a cordova webview but i'm also doing native android code as well for things like a custom broadcast receiver, some native functionality, etc.


For an Angular / Phonegap mobile app I am playing with I started with Angular with Kinvey Phonegap library then moved to Angular with Kinvey Angular library (when it became available)

I cant actually remember why I made that decision however haven't run into any Angular related problems with the Kinvey Angular library and all seems to work together quite nicely (once you are familiar with promises, which you may or may not be, depending upon your background). Caching etc is nice on Kinvey
You won't get push notifications with the Angular library but everything else should work the same.
Thanks guys.

@"A B"‌ - Any tips on implementing the Angular lib? ( Yes I am familiar with promises. )

@Morgan‌ - would it be possible to use both the libraries simultaneously? This is what I am currently doing with parse - using the native android sdk for my custom push stuff & using the javascript sdk for my in-app angular stuff. Could I do the same with the kinvey sdks?
I know you asked Morgan about using two libraries - you can certainly use Angular AND Rest.... I don't think using the phonegap library adds anything useful over and above that combination.

On tips.... um. Only tip is not an Angular one, but a Kinvey one..... and that is that for quite a few topics, the REST API docs ARE fuller than the Angular ones.... so read them, then read the angular ones. Not ideal but still much better than Parse where most examples are not created with JS in mind at all!

@lionstone‌ you should be able run the native android sdk and angular sdk side-by-side without issue.
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