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Way Push doesn't work for Android using Phonegap?


I using code on

and trying to send Push on real Android device but not getting any Push message. Way?

I have adjust:

2.Replace App Key and App Secret (www/js/index.js) with your application credentials.

3.For Android, replace Project ID (www/js/push.js) with your Google Project ID.

Code start working after add in config.xml:

and now i can push register device button and i'm getting device registered.

But still don't receiving push message on real android devices.

Process of registration was running OK, because i can manually push message using command:

>node notify.js

But when try to push message using kinvey nothing is happen.

Please advise how to proceed.


Kind regards,
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It looks like everything was set-up correctly. Did you choose "everyone" or "specific users" when sending a message through the Kinvey console?

Also, when receiving push in your application, make sure you are logged in with the same user as you’re registered with. Otherwise, you won’t receive any push notifications.
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