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Where does a file will be saved?


i want to create a function that checks if a file already was downloaded from the kinvey backend, so to use them instead of downloading them again and again.


I can't find the loaded files on my ios simulator, so i don't know where to look for them. So the question is as simple as that - where does the download function from the kinvey SDK save the files? (In this Case using Titanium / ios (but android is interesting, too)

A hint would be great. :smile:

Best, Nico

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The files aren’t saved to disk, but are returned as part of the `promise.then` fulfilled handler. The content of a file is available as follows:


var promise ='file-id');

promise.then(function(response) {

var file = response._data;

// Use Titanium.Filesystem.File to save the file in disk, if you wish.


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