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How to fetch relational Kinvey references using find() method in hooks/endpoints/backbonejs code ?

When i am trying to fetch the KinveyReference data from one of the fields in my collection, using the collectionAccess module find() method or the fetch method in backbone JS , it is just returning me the id's of the related objects and not the actual objects. How can i get that working and fetch all the related object's data too?

I have saved it using Kinvey's mechanism. Is there something like the getTypedObject method for the android platform there for the web platform too ?

Hi mukund, sorry for the delay-- I think that this question may be a JS library question, so I am recategorizing it so we can get the right eyes on it.
Yes, the Backbone library supports fetching all related objects through the [Backbone Assocations]( plugin. See our [documentation]( on how to set this up and use it.
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