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Uploading a public readable Image/File


i am trying to upload a public (:: All users of our application) readable images (profil images)

Problem: i've tried several things, but the images are not saved as public files

Code used:

var promise = Kinvey.File.upload(fileBlob, {

// _id : 'my-file-id',

// _filename : 'my-file.txt',

mimeType : 'image/png',

size : fileBlob.length,

public : true

}, {

public : true,

success: function(file) {

_map['avatar'] = {

_type : 'KinveyFile',

_id : file._id


// Remove item from User Map

delete _map['profil_image'];

// Update User with ProfilImage



error : function(error){

console.log("error uploading File");



The double of "public:true" was just a test, but nothing of both methods worked ...

Anything i've missed?



The `public: true` should be set in the options (third parameter). To explain what this flag does, it is important to distinguish between the file itself (`fileBlob`), and the entity created in the Kinvey backend.

What this means is that when you login as a different user, `'my-file-id')` will result in an Authorization error. This is because the entity created in Kinvey is not readable to this other user (unless you modify the `_acl` of course).

The direct link to the file (`fileBlob`) is however public. So the approach here would be to upload the file, then obtain the download URL. This download URL will be publicly available:


Kinvey.File.upload(fileBlob, { _id: 'my-file-id' }, { public: true }).then(function(file) {'my-file-id').then(function(response) {

var downloadURL = response._downloadURL;




The `downloadURL` variable in the snippet above is the public file. This URL will be valid forever, and accessible by whoever.
Thus i have to save the downloadurl (public available) at the moment, the user uploaded it's image/file to the Kinvey-Backend?

So that any other user can download it by it's downloadurl and not by the file-id which results in an error?
That would work, yes, but in addition I recommend setting the global readable flag (``) to `true` when uploading the file to the Kinvey backend. That way, getting the file by `file-id` will also work for *all* users.
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