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Social Login Page

I need to show social login page in a popup. I have followed your tutorial [how-to-implement-safe-signin-via-oauth]( ""), in which it is not mentioned how to configure this requirement.

In verifyToken step the kinvey-angular library is not sending the oauth_token in the request and kinvey-html5 library is sending the oauth_token. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

The `Kinvey.Social.connect` method used to login through a social identity is a one-fit-all solution. What this means is that if you have separate requirements, like showing the login page in a pop-up, you have to implement this yourself. One starting point would be to open the popup, and initiate the social login inside the code in the popup.

I am not sure why the oauth_token is not sent. It might be that Angular is rewriting your URLs, as discussed in [another forum thread](
Thanks Mark, I will try the popup solution.
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