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Query timeouts

I started getting timeouts for all my queries, beginning around 11am central. Before that, everything was fine.

Using the titanium library v1.1.8, I get the following error:

` {"name":"RequestTimeoutError","description":"The request timed out.","debug":"timeout"}`

Example query:


var query = new Kinvey.Query();

query.fields([ 'name', 'recipeCategory' ]);

var promise = Kinvey.DataStore.find('recipes', query, {

relations : { recipeCategory: 'references' },

success: function(response) {

console.log('success: ' + response.length);


error: function(response){





Hi Adam,

We're experiencing some slow-downs. Updates will be posted on the thread below. Thank you for the report!
Thanks for the update, Caroline.
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