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I'm trying to download a globally readable file, in this case a jpeg, with:


var promise ='file-id', {

success: function(response) {




promise.then(function(response) {

var file = response._data;



But the response comes back with `_data:{}`;

Earlier, I was getting:


{"name":"InsufficientCredentials","description":"The credentials used to authenticate this request are not authorized to run this operation. Please retry your request with appropriate credentials","debug":""}


But got around that by setting ` true` as mentioned [here](

I also have `public:true`, but I believe that only applies to the downloadUrl. The url works fine.

Am I missing something else?

Just to be clear, did you pass in the `gr` property as: `{ _acl: { gr: true } }`?

Anyway, are you using `console.log` to display the `_data`? Does this give you anything: `response._data.length`?
A ha!

Yes, I did pass the gr property, first by the way you mention, then trying


var acl = new Kinvey.Acl();



_acl: acl,


Which I'm assuming did the same thing.

Yes, I was looking at logs, and I guess I was expecting `TiBlob` or something similar. _data does have a length, and my problem was down the line where I was trying to read the blob data into the imageview.

Thanks for your help
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