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Data Store example for Ember?

Hey guys, I'm having lots of problems getting my Collections into my Ember app. I think I just don't have a good example to go off. The TestDrive example shows Users and I've got that working fine. Do you have an example of how to work with Ember and Kinvey Data Store Collections or could you provide a very basic one? Also, I can provide you with my source code if you think you can help?
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Hi 80g,

I'm afraid that the dev team is completely swamped with work on our roadmap and it's unlikely we'll be able to put out a new Ember sample any time soon. I'm wondering if you've found the [Guide on Data Store]( "Guide on Data Store") helpful? It walks through how Kinvey makes use of the Models concept in Ember and provides some sample code walking through the concepts.
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