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BASE64 to Blob, Angularjs, Android 4.3, Cordova 3.4

Hey Guys, has anyone found a workaround to decode images in BASE64 to blob so that we can upload via Kinvey? my function only works in Chrome, FF and Safai but fails on Android 4.3 webkit. I've also tried uploading an image as an arraybuffer which works and kinvey returns a success object with file name, size and metadata however the image is broken. Are there other alternatives you guys have explored maybe?

Last time I checked PhoneGap (Cordova) did not have a reliable way to do that. The best way, if your app is PhoneGap only, is to just upload the base64 data, and if you want to display the image you can use [Data URIs](
Mark, thank you for the response. I've considered that, however, what would be the performance implications of this?
Not sure - if it are just small images (icons, avatars, etc.) is should be fine. If you’re thinking of displaying photos this way, I am not sure if that’s a good idea.
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