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(PhoneGap) Kinvey Init with Email Verification

Platform: PhoneGap for iOS.

As per Kinvey app life cycle - Kinvey initialization is the mandatory API call. When email verification is turned on this API fails with following error:

debug: ""

description: "This app requires email address verification. Before performing any operations, please verify your email address by clicking the link sent to you upon signup."

name: "EmailVerificationRequired"

Unable to sign up new users or login existing user. Played with few tweaks like calling Kinvey.setActiveUser(null); before Kinvey.init and using refresh : true for init arguments.

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Try `Kinvey.setActiveUser(null)` after `Kinvey.init` (inside the failure handler). I’m assuming you didn’t verify your e-mail, and therefore the behavior you are seeing is correct. You can always disable email verification for already registered users [here](
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