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Hey Guys, so I get 204 status on register device with Kinvey. But how do I know the device is registered on Kinvey?, where to look on Kinvey? sending a test Push did not work so I'm trying to debug. Thanks in advance.

Yeah, the second string looks like a device id. Could it be that, during development, you called the register push functionality with an "undefined" device id?
for complete clarity, here is the entire object `{"GCM":{"ids":["myid","APA91bGDTzvaMUL4Eqrgb1S-PQ-WQl2PFbFGNw_uSJV3xkdzshP5eclMh8EMFG484pCm3XxfjVxvosBgfdtdU-gCkCfLqQTTbia3XlUkVx9L_Y6-x1hjVmY7e_Bd41ZnZGGrwng41sqAB390ZR2T4x4E4-_6nYpScSDy9ZdATDKXdPhz--nuyjI","undefined"]}}`
O... I deliberately replaced the deviceId string with "my-device-id" but I can see the actual string in the attribute on my Backend, so the deviceId is retrieved. Its the "undefined" part that puzzles me because I don't know what's supposed to be there, perhaps you could break down that object down Mark and explain what's supported to be there. Thanks.
Hmm, the device id should be a long random looking string. Definitely not undefined, it looks like the device id is not retrieved correctly before registering.
Thanks Mark, maybe you could hint this in the docs...unless I missed it but anyways thank you, I can see the attribute. this is my object in that attribute... `{"GCM":{"ids":["myid","my-device-id","undefined"]}}` I can see my device id but I'm not sure what's supposed to to be the "undefined" part... the user ID maybe? I used user Authentication.
You can login to the [console](, and check your users collection. The registered user should have a `_push` attribute with the device id.
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