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Hey Guys, so I get 204 status on register device with Kinvey. But how do I know the device is registered on Kinvey?, where to look on Kinvey? sending a test Push did not work so I'm trying to debug. Thanks in advance.

You can login to the [console](, and check your users collection. The registered user should have a `_push` attribute with the device id.
Thanks Mark, maybe you could hint this in the docs...unless I missed it but anyways thank you, I can see the attribute. this is my object in that attribute... `{"GCM":{"ids":["myid","my-device-id","undefined"]}}` I can see my device id but I'm not sure what's supposed to to be the "undefined" part... the user ID maybe? I used user Authentication.
Hmm, the device id should be a long random looking string. Definitely not undefined, it looks like the device id is not retrieved correctly before registering.
O... I deliberately replaced the deviceId string with "my-device-id" but I can see the actual string in the attribute on my Backend, so the deviceId is retrieved. Its the "undefined" part that puzzles me because I don't know what's supposed to be there, perhaps you could break down that object down Mark and explain what's supported to be there. Thanks.
for complete clarity, here is the entire object `{"GCM":{"ids":["myid","APA91bGDTzvaMUL4Eqrgb1S-PQ-WQl2PFbFGNw_uSJV3xkdzshP5eclMh8EMFG484pCm3XxfjVxvosBgfdtdU-gCkCfLqQTTbia3XlUkVx9L_Y6-x1hjVmY7e_Bd41ZnZGGrwng41sqAB390ZR2T4x4E4-_6nYpScSDy9ZdATDKXdPhz--nuyjI","undefined"]}}`
Yeah, the second string looks like a device id. Could it be that, during development, you called the register push functionality with an "undefined" device id?
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