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Expration Time for reset password link

Hi! Can be changed the expiration time for the reset password link? I need to be at least 24 hours.

Hi, we do not currently support changing the expiration time for password reset requests. Can you tell me why you would like the window to be > 24 hours?
Our client, sent some emails for reset password and some users hadn't reset them password in the proper time, after that they wasn't able to do it, because the link was expired and were a bit confusing.
Thanks for the information! since the same thing could also happen even if the password reset window is increased (though I agree that it is less likely), perhaps the better solution would be to allow users to enter an email/username and re-send the password reset request? From Kinvey's end, there is no restriction on sending multiple password reset emails for a single user.
Also, I'm sorry that your users found the password reset process a bit confusing -- if you would like, you are free to customize the password reset email template ( as well as to implement your own custom password reset page (
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