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Nested Relational Data

Hi... I've had success fetching relational data ala:

relations: {

screenCatalogs: 'topic-screen-catalog',

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys': 'kickstart-screen-catalog-journey'


However, I'm having trouble getting relational data that is nested a level deeper... for instance:

$kinvey.DataStore.get('topics', $stateParams.topicId, {

relations: {

screenCatalogs: 'topic-screen-catalog',

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys' : 'kickstart-screen-catalog-journey',

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys.screens' : 'catalog-journey-screens',



In this instance I'm still getting the Kinvey references back for screens rather than the resolved objects from the 'catalog-journey-screens' collection. Is what I'm trying to do possible or will I have to try something different?



I just spent a decent chunk of last week figuring out this particular issue. I have a fix pending some review, but if you would be willing to test the next release to see if this resolves your issues as well I would be grateful. What version of the JS library are you using? Ember, Angular, Titanium, HTML5, etc.
Grrr... formatting.

Just to clarify I'm trying to get relational data another level deep...

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys.screens': 'catalog-journey-screens'.
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