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Nested Relational Data

Hi... I've had success fetching relational data ala:

relations: {

screenCatalogs: 'topic-screen-catalog',

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys': 'kickstart-screen-catalog-journey'


However, I'm having trouble getting relational data that is nested a level deeper... for instance:

$kinvey.DataStore.get('topics', $stateParams.topicId, {

relations: {

screenCatalogs: 'topic-screen-catalog',

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys' : 'kickstart-screen-catalog-journey',

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys.screens' : 'catalog-journey-screens',



In this instance I'm still getting the Kinvey references back for screens rather than the resolved objects from the 'catalog-journey-screens' collection. Is what I'm trying to do possible or will I have to try something different?


Grrr... formatting.

Just to clarify I'm trying to get relational data another level deep...

'screenCatalogs.catalogJourneys.screens': 'catalog-journey-screens'.

I just spent a decent chunk of last week figuring out this particular issue. I have a fix pending some review, but if you would be willing to test the next release to see if this resolves your issues as well I would be grateful. What version of the JS library are you using? Ember, Angular, Titanium, HTML5, etc.
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