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How do I can add ACL permissions to users?. Edit acl in users.


function(response) {

$scope.user = response;

var acl = new Kinvey.Acl($scope.user);



var promise = Kinvey.User.update($scope.user, {

success: function() {




I have this. It does not work.

From a security standpoint you need to be able to be logged in as that user or be logged in via your Master Secret which is not something you should make public.

Do you want to add support in your app for a logged in user to say who can modify/read their information? Or do you want to retroactively do that via a script or scheduled code?
The idea is that a user can create more users (patients), then the user who created them (patients) can pass these users (patients) to another user, and the latter can edit, then I need to give permissions in the ACL to these users (patients).
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