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Relational Data inside User-Store ?


short question - is it possible to use relational data inside the user-object?

--> Creating a Kinvey-Ref inside the user-table and trieing to resolve it doesn't work for me.

var promise ={

relations : {

teamrel : 'teams',



Do i have to search for another error or isn't it possible at all ?

best, Nico

Hey Nico,

Sorry for the long delay in reply on this one. The long and sort of it is that we don't support this at an api level. The way to resolve this is to interact with the user object directly, which would look something like this:

Kinvey.User.get(theActiveUserIdGoesHere, {

relations: {

teamrel: 'teams'



If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me about this issue.


Good morning Nico,

I just wanted to let you know that this didn't fall through the cracks, we just haven't quite had the time to getting around to making a bit of example code for this yet. I will follow up with our Javascript guru before the end of today to see if he can help you out with this before the weekend.

Apologies for the long delay,
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