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Offline Data - Active User

Following scenario:

Our users can group together in "teams". So there is a collection "teams" and "teamuser" to handle them.

I am Fetching all teamuser, queried by the teamid, to show "my team". - Works without any problem.

The strange thing/error occurs using the offline mode. In Offline-Mode all users are loaded correctly from cache, instead of the current active user.

Code to fetch the whole team:


relations : {

user : 'user'


(offline) - Works for all expect the activeUser - for him/her the relation isn't resolved... So if i'm log the response, it's just the Kinvey-ref as an object.

Like so:

team = {

[INFO] : "_collection" = teams;

[INFO] : "_id" = *******;

[INFO] : "_type" = KinveyRef;

[INFO] : };

My idea:

I think there is a problem, because i am using relational data with the "user" collection. Maybe there is an internal conflict with the "current active user" and the relational user data from the team collection ?!

Maybe anyone of you guys can throw some ideas about that.

Hey Nico,

I wanted to let you know that we see this and that we're looking into this internally. I can't promise you a response on this today, but we will try to get a solid reply to this before close of business on Friday afternoon.

Apologies for the slow reply.
Would be great! - Thanks Damien. :)

Hey there Nico,

I wanted to ask another question to get some better visibility to what's going on here.

When you are making calls against the user, are you using or some other method of accessing / modifying the user?

Thanks for the clarification.
In this Case i am using another collection wich containing a reference to this user.

Using - Works like expected.

So of course i can do somehting like:

Query the whole team, if the entity is reached containing the currentUser as user-reference, i use to get the data.

But i think it's more a workaround and not a solution.
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