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Error in newest backbone.js SDK


i am using your backbone.js (with Titanium) and it seems to be containing some kind of error...

I've created a new test-project with just this in the alloy.js file

var Kinvey = require('Kinvey-backbone');


With my old version of your SDK it works, and outputs some methodes from the library.

Using the new (1.1.9) SDK it outputs "null". Thus all other functions crashes, of course.

Any informationen about this?



Hey there Nico,

Can you tell me what version of the SDK it was working with last? There may have been something that slipped through in a commit that we can roll back easily into a new version.

Thanks for your diligence and continued feedback.

i think it was

1.1.8- May 14, 2014 that i've used until now.

Best, Nico
Nico (and others),

I just wanted to make a public post and let you know where this stands. At this time we are looking into the issue and haven't yet confirmed this as an issue. If you run into issues using the 1.1.9 SDK we do advise using the 1.1.8 SDK until this is addressed. I will update this post when more news becomes available.

Is there anything new regarding to this?

Best, Nico
Nothing yet,

I think that we're still recommending the use of 1.18 at this time.

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